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Invest in your birds health today with these revolutionary drinker systems! We swear by these drinker systems! 

Water is one of the main sources of disease spread between pigeons. In order to reduce the emission of pathogens, we have created a new revolutionary product - antibacterial drinker with addition of nano silver particles.

In the conducted research, it was found that silver microparticles added to the material reduce 98% of Salmonella bacteria and 99% of E.Coli bacteria*.

Silver is a chemical element distinguished by exceptional properties. Silver ions have the ability to bind bacterial enzymes and because of that they are able to block their activity. The result is the inhibition of their development and multiplication, which consequently leads to the complete extinction of microbes.

Thanks to the use of the latest technology, we are the only company in the world to have drinkers for pigeons that are completely safe, antibacterial and free of microbes.

The drinking bowls have been tested and certified with Active Silver Protection by Polydef (*the test was carried out according to the standard ISO 22196).